Monday, July 13, 2009

4th birthday pictures

This seems to be the traditional pose. Whenever Chris gets on the floor they climb on him but we had a new pose at the bottom that is toooooo cute......

They never hold hands and KJ actually participated without running out.

I just wanted them to lay on Chris but she went upside down and welll......

monkey see......monkey do. We just laughed and it came out great.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday @ Disneyland and California Adventure

We celebrated the twins 4th birthday at Disneyland. Their tickets of course were free but they made their money back that day. They started the day wearing their birthday shirts, our friend Teresita, gave them for their birthday. Then eventually they wanted to wear their last years halloween costumes where they dressed up like Mickey and Minnie. It was cute. We timed it just right so that we got the So Cal 2fer tickets and about 3 weeks later went to California Adventure.
Disneyland birthday first. It was terribly crowded. We got on some kiddie rides, went on Autotopia 5 or 6 times. KJ is really a good driver but with Emily I had a headache after I rode with her. KJ was really paying attention and although we were on some sort of a track there was still room to hit the divider. He did so good it was rather funny watching him really try. She didnt even look at the road. We walked around Toon Town and she took a pic with Mickey but KJ, no , too scared.
The best part was they had a birthday party at one of the resturants. It was $16 each and the host was Pat E. Cake and he wore a cake hat and they handed out cake in the shape of Mickey ears and you got to decorate and eat it. They had a few games and then Mickey and Minnie came out. The good thing, there was maybe 20 people so Emily loved it and Minnie kept holding her hand and walking around. They matched. KJ, no, too scared and not going anywhere near them. Oh well.....It was a long day and we missed the parade.
Then we went to Cal. Adventure and I really liked it alot. I kinda liked it better than Disneyland. The kids could do things and not wait in long lines. It was less crowded on a Saturday at the end of June, it was great. We went to see the Disney Playhouse show, great, we went into this playarea with rope bridges, slides and paths. NO wait, even better. We went to bugs land and a friend told me to bring their swimsuits and they played in the water for an hour and it was perfect. We got on all the kid rides. Then we walked by the Mickey ferris wheel and guess who wanted to go on it. We know Emily went on the one at the pier but my scaredy cat, KJ wanted to go and he was so good up there. No posing with Mickey but he will go a couple hundred feet in the air. Go figure. We then found a good spot for the Pixar parade. It was cool, I would like to take them back to that one. Hey my birthday is coming up.....thats ok. When they are 5 it will be much better.
I thought for sure being off for the summer I would have more time to keep up quicker with our lives events. Not happening......Until the next time.....lets see.....oh maybe 4th of July.....