Saturday, March 29, 2008


My KJ is really starting to talk so that we can understand. Em has been talking for a while now and today while Christian was trying to fly a kite she says "Mommy dont step in the poop dogs,"

She cracks me up. Of course she meant dog poop.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doctors Visit

The doctors. We live right across the street from our doctors office and everytime we drive by it Emily always says doctors, not today. She is ok with the doctors right. So I thought. Two nights ago she had a bad bloody nose in the middle of the night and the next day the same thing happened with Grandma during nap time. Grandma said she woke up and said "Grandma, something isnt right!" I took her to see her doctor. Well, first she didnt want to go with me, she really remembers the last time when they got shots and it wasnt such a fun experience so I had to tell her the doctor is only going to look at your nose. So she decided to trust me. She was a little nervous in the waiting room, with the nurse that took her temp and weight and while waiting for the doctor she was fine. So the doctor comes in and from the moment he walked in to the moment he walked out she had both her hands over her ears. WHY? I have no idea. He was checking her nose. I had to laugh. I really have no idea. So we are leaving and she tells me "Its ok Mommy!" girls are so different from boys it is amazing and you dont see it until you have one of each at the same age.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Every year the city has a huge Easter Egg Hunt in different parks around the city. Every year we go along with just about the whole city.

This year was better, we always get there early and making toddlers wait until 10:00 is usually a nightmare but this year they waited patiently. The good twins woke up this morning.
ha ha

There are so many people that we usually only get one plastic egg. Well KJ likes chocolate and he didnt care, he wanted the See's eggs and eat them. So I let him do what he wanted.

Emily is such a girly girl and just went for it. Christian was in his own age group and as you can see does what any big brother does and puts the basket over his brothers head. What brotherly love!!!!
Tomorrow we head off for great grandma's house for dinner with all the family. Another family egg hunt where they are for sure to get many many more eggs.

Happy Easter to All!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Starting Pictures

Here is big brother Christian. Chris is in the 4th grade this year--9 years old.

Here are my babies last June when they turned 2 years old.

Emily Ruthe-we call her Meme or Em

and Keith Terrence whom we call KJ

Oh so cute and oh so terrible.

Terrible two's times TWO.

What is kinda cool is that their birthsign is Gemini and the Gemini sign is twins!

Its a start

Well I figured after reading everyone elses blog that maybe I should start my own. I have so many stories of what my kids do that I cant remember them so I figure if I write them then I will have them for later and to share with my friends and family.

For starters, my daughter, (Emily) the other day sat with me in the car while we were picking up my oldest son from school, well she was looking out the window and up in the pine tree. She says mommy look at the poop in the tree. Well it didnt hit me at first becasue I thought she probably saw a bird and it pooped. Ok she kept saying it but now she said Look at all the poop in the tree. Ok so I wondered why there would be so much poop in the tree. I looked up in the tree and laughed to my self and told her, Emily those are pinecones. She said oh pinecones.

I have so many cute stories that I forget so here I am starting to write them down.