Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today Emily and KJ were outside playing with grandma and she noticed a bug hopping in the grass. Grandma told her it was a grasshopper. So after nap when I picked them up she ran to tell me about the hopgrasser....It was too cute, a hopgrasser....then KJ started hopping and it was took a minute but I knew it was a grasshopper.


Christian had a good idea about writing down all the things that KJ says that is quite funny and cute and I decided to make it into a game. For those who know and spend time with us this should be easy and for those who dont lets see how much fun you have....

So I am going to write how it sounds, dont concentrate on spelling, just say it how it looks. Then down below I will give you the answers....

Let the fun begin............Think of this, when he speaks most of the time he sounds like he has a boston accent, how and why, noone knows, but its cute!

1. Chicka woo-----Chicken Wittle

2. way her me

3. grobbles

4. hey E rose wagger

5.make it wok
6. goo me...............cooze me

7. fimming

8. foria

9. wu (short u) eb er

10. downdairs

Ok, so how did you do? How many do you think that you know?

Well, take a look below to see how many you got right. The correct answers are in red and his sayings are in blue.

1. We used to watch this movie Chicken Little and he used to say chicka woo and then later chicken wittle.
2. When someone leaves he says this...........wait for me! It is so funny way her me, way her me!!
3. We were in the pool and he was swimming and kinda got his face wet and then said "Mom I need my grobbles" of course we knew he meant goggles
4. Who lives with grandma? none other than Haley Rose Wagner but he says hey E rose wagger
5. A song we hear alot, Life's what you make it so lets make it rock, make it rock, make it rock
and he sings make it wok, make it wok
6. If someone burps or is in his way he used to say goo me or now it is cooze me which simply means excuse me
7. On a hot day he likes to go fimming after nap in the pool.....ding ding ding...swimming
8. We are trying to teach him where he lives here in California but that is too long for him and he is too lazy so he just say foria
9. this one is a little difficult, when he is trying to be funny he rolls his eyes and says wu eb er
which really means whatever
10. Last but not least.............when he wakes up the first thing he says is he wants to go downdairs which is downstairs............this one should have been easy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


They are such hams!!! They say take a picture and then they want to see it and then they crack up laughing! Heres why!!!!!
Emily was grumpy and I took the picture and she didnt want to see it. It was funny!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

At the aquarium, Emiy and Christian were much more adventurous and my litte chicken, KJ wouldnt really walk anywhere for a while and he definetly wouldnt touch anything.

This is a giant sting ray in the touch tank. Christian touched this one. Look how huge he is.

This is the only fish KJ would touch. Push the button and water squirts out of his mouth.

See any sea life here. Yes look carefully, it is called a sea dragon, kinda looks like a sea horse and it also looks like the plants around it. Even the same color. Pretty cool, I had never seen one before.

Here is the tank all the kids loved. Look closely. Its NEMO! Look even closer and it is his friend DORY. The clownfish and tang fish fish from Finding Nemo, which we have seen a million times. Wondering about the black and white one. Well that is called a false clownfish????

This fun touch tank Emily and Christian got to touch the starfish and sea urchins. KJ wouldnt go near it.

This was so cute. They got a kick out of this seal. They stood in the window and this seal came over and just hung out, upside down. He was too cute and funny. They laughed at him and Emily wanted to know his name.

Christian tried and tried to touch that huge stingray. Finally he did.

Oops same pic, oh well.

They looked and looked at all those fish.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My DRAMA Queen

Oh my, Emily, well yesterday we went for our usual walk along the bike path. They ride their bicycles and we just stroll for awhile. We took a short cut home through a rocky trail.
Emily started running and she fell and scratched her knees. One more worse than the other.

She hasnt stopped crying about it from yesterday. She said it doesnt hurt and I gave her some Motrin just in case. She told me she needs to sit on the couch. She wont extend her leg nor will she walk on it.

We took Christian to play and KJ wanted to play at McDonalds and Emily said no KJ I will get sick if I go to McDonalds. So then KJ said let play out front and Emiy said......ummm I will think about that KJ. It was funny becasue life is revolving around her today.

She is acting like her leg is broke. She cries everytime she looks at the bandaids. She doesnt like to see a boo boo.

"Be careful I have a boo boo on my knee. Just like grandma." She tells me last night before bed.
Oh Brother!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a swimmer!

Emily has blossomed into a swimmer here in the last few days. Dont give her the floaties, no she is a big girl. I asked her to put on the floaties and she said "no mommy I need to use my arms." Well we cant question the logic there. So needless to say pool time isnt relaxing anymore. I used to be able to just float around near her in the pool and now I need to be on her. She jumps off the side, in dive form, and bellyflops near the middle of the pool and I need to be there to help her back. But I think she is half fish, she can hold her breath like a mermaid.

KJ still wants his floaties and is content, but he tells me"mommy where is meme's floaties?"
Take your time baby boy. I cant handle two adventurous kids at one time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Potty for US

Well its not the time for the potty I guess. On that last Friday with grandma she let them run around naked, what kids doesnt like to be free. Not my 2, oh no, they screamed and hollered for pants. So needless to say it didnt work and they are not the least bit interested at all.

The other day Emily asked Grandma to change her and Grandma said maybe Emily you need to sit in it a little bit longer(maybe this would help encourage the potty) and Emily through her arms up in the air and said to grandma "grandma I dont want to talk about this potty thing" and grandma said "Well Emily I want to talk about it" Emily said "I dont" and she turned and walked away.

We are completely stumped.

So, no potty for now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It Potty Time.....or not

Well I guess I just thought that they would do way. Grandma Mary says it is time and she is tired of changing diapers. OK so I said lets try. Well on Monday they refused to sit on the potty and held it for most of the day. A few accidents but no biggie to them. Tuesday comes and I am hoping they will just do it. NOT.......Emily sat on the potty and was sitting there for a while when Grandma said something about sitting there until the cows come home and then a few minutes later Grandma hears Emily from the bathroom saying in her snotty voice, "Grandma, there are no cows coming to your house!" I guess that was her way of saying she isnt going to potty. Wednesday comes and at least she sits on the potty but ask KJ and he ignores you or says something to change the subject. They are very funny little kids though. Well Grandma is fed up and is going to try and let them run semi-naked tommorrow. Well I hope she is ready to clean up pee, and Im not trying to be a pesimist, but I think they are too stubborn. I say that but inside hopefully wish the opposite.

Wish us luck!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

One Busy Saturday

I took Christian to Disneyland today for a few hours, my mom's bank give them 2 free tickets and they were for today. It was nice but Chris doesnt like to go on many of the rides so we went on 3 and went to the shops and headed home. For only being there for 4 or so hours, Im exhausted. My mom watched the babies because they arent ready for Disney yet and I dont have enough energy to do that.

We got home and I took everyone swimming in the pool. Now KJ is talking alot more and he really wont be quiet, but that is ok it is funny to hear him tell you what he has been trying to say for many months now.

In the pool the birds swoop to take a drink of water. I was swimming with KJ to the deep end and the birds were sitting on the fence so we were talking to the birds and then KJ says "there not talking to us mommy."
I thought that was just too cute.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Wish

This is my latest creation. I love this song and if you listen to the words the pictures are a perfect fit.
ENJOY everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Photo Story

I just wanted to see if this works. Im trying to make up for the 2 months I did absolutely nothing!

Three years old!

Well as you can see the pictures the babies arent babies anymore. THREE years old. Talk about time flying by. I am amazed that I have really not slept in 3 years. No wonder I cant think at times. Anyhow, we had pictures done at JC Pennys and the great thing is they email you all the pictures, even the ones you didnt buy and I have them all on my computer.
My 3 kiddies, Christian, Emily, and KJ

WE ARE 3!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Queen Bee

That is my Emily. So today was another funny day. First at Grandma's house, Grandma is watching a new baby, not mine, another baby Emily whom they call Emme. She is only about 2 weeks old if that and is a bit fussy at times. So, Grandma asked Emily how she liked the baby and after thinking for a minute she says " I love Emme, when she is sleeping." I guess she kept asking why she was crying. Second thing is that yesterday Christian has tied all three of their bikes together with jumpropes and they made a train. Well today Emily tied her jumprope to KJs bike and was walking him around like a dog. So when I told Emily to come this way she told me "Mom, Im taking KJ to piddle." Well Grandma takes Haley, her dog, out to piddle. So she was really walking KJ on his bike.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Shower at the Beach

We went to Jamie's baby shower yesterday at a place called Mother's Beach. It is in Long Beach and it isnt actually on the beach but where the boats come into the harbor so there is ocean water and all the kids were playing in it. They had a great time and the games at the baby shower were quite fun. Thanks for the invite and good luck with the new baby. Jamie is having a boy, Kane, and he should be here within 2 weeks or so.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


My KJ is really starting to talk so that we can understand. Em has been talking for a while now and today while Christian was trying to fly a kite she says "Mommy dont step in the poop dogs,"

She cracks me up. Of course she meant dog poop.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doctors Visit

The doctors. We live right across the street from our doctors office and everytime we drive by it Emily always says doctors, not today. She is ok with the doctors right. So I thought. Two nights ago she had a bad bloody nose in the middle of the night and the next day the same thing happened with Grandma during nap time. Grandma said she woke up and said "Grandma, something isnt right!" I took her to see her doctor. Well, first she didnt want to go with me, she really remembers the last time when they got shots and it wasnt such a fun experience so I had to tell her the doctor is only going to look at your nose. So she decided to trust me. She was a little nervous in the waiting room, with the nurse that took her temp and weight and while waiting for the doctor she was fine. So the doctor comes in and from the moment he walked in to the moment he walked out she had both her hands over her ears. WHY? I have no idea. He was checking her nose. I had to laugh. I really have no idea. So we are leaving and she tells me "Its ok Mommy!" girls are so different from boys it is amazing and you dont see it until you have one of each at the same age.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Every year the city has a huge Easter Egg Hunt in different parks around the city. Every year we go along with just about the whole city.

This year was better, we always get there early and making toddlers wait until 10:00 is usually a nightmare but this year they waited patiently. The good twins woke up this morning.
ha ha

There are so many people that we usually only get one plastic egg. Well KJ likes chocolate and he didnt care, he wanted the See's eggs and eat them. So I let him do what he wanted.

Emily is such a girly girl and just went for it. Christian was in his own age group and as you can see does what any big brother does and puts the basket over his brothers head. What brotherly love!!!!
Tomorrow we head off for great grandma's house for dinner with all the family. Another family egg hunt where they are for sure to get many many more eggs.

Happy Easter to All!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Starting Pictures

Here is big brother Christian. Chris is in the 4th grade this year--9 years old.

Here are my babies last June when they turned 2 years old.

Emily Ruthe-we call her Meme or Em

and Keith Terrence whom we call KJ

Oh so cute and oh so terrible.

Terrible two's times TWO.

What is kinda cool is that their birthsign is Gemini and the Gemini sign is twins!

Its a start

Well I figured after reading everyone elses blog that maybe I should start my own. I have so many stories of what my kids do that I cant remember them so I figure if I write them then I will have them for later and to share with my friends and family.

For starters, my daughter, (Emily) the other day sat with me in the car while we were picking up my oldest son from school, well she was looking out the window and up in the pine tree. She says mommy look at the poop in the tree. Well it didnt hit me at first becasue I thought she probably saw a bird and it pooped. Ok she kept saying it but now she said Look at all the poop in the tree. Ok so I wondered why there would be so much poop in the tree. I looked up in the tree and laughed to my self and told her, Emily those are pinecones. She said oh pinecones.

I have so many cute stories that I forget so here I am starting to write them down.