Monday, April 7, 2008

Queen Bee

That is my Emily. So today was another funny day. First at Grandma's house, Grandma is watching a new baby, not mine, another baby Emily whom they call Emme. She is only about 2 weeks old if that and is a bit fussy at times. So, Grandma asked Emily how she liked the baby and after thinking for a minute she says " I love Emme, when she is sleeping." I guess she kept asking why she was crying. Second thing is that yesterday Christian has tied all three of their bikes together with jumpropes and they made a train. Well today Emily tied her jumprope to KJs bike and was walking him around like a dog. So when I told Emily to come this way she told me "Mom, Im taking KJ to piddle." Well Grandma takes Haley, her dog, out to piddle. So she was really walking KJ on his bike.

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