Thursday, August 21, 2008


Christian had a good idea about writing down all the things that KJ says that is quite funny and cute and I decided to make it into a game. For those who know and spend time with us this should be easy and for those who dont lets see how much fun you have....

So I am going to write how it sounds, dont concentrate on spelling, just say it how it looks. Then down below I will give you the answers....

Let the fun begin............Think of this, when he speaks most of the time he sounds like he has a boston accent, how and why, noone knows, but its cute!

1. Chicka woo-----Chicken Wittle

2. way her me

3. grobbles

4. hey E rose wagger

5.make it wok
6. goo me...............cooze me

7. fimming

8. foria

9. wu (short u) eb er

10. downdairs

Ok, so how did you do? How many do you think that you know?

Well, take a look below to see how many you got right. The correct answers are in red and his sayings are in blue.

1. We used to watch this movie Chicken Little and he used to say chicka woo and then later chicken wittle.
2. When someone leaves he says this...........wait for me! It is so funny way her me, way her me!!
3. We were in the pool and he was swimming and kinda got his face wet and then said "Mom I need my grobbles" of course we knew he meant goggles
4. Who lives with grandma? none other than Haley Rose Wagner but he says hey E rose wagger
5. A song we hear alot, Life's what you make it so lets make it rock, make it rock, make it rock
and he sings make it wok, make it wok
6. If someone burps or is in his way he used to say goo me or now it is cooze me which simply means excuse me
7. On a hot day he likes to go fimming after nap in the pool.....ding ding ding...swimming
8. We are trying to teach him where he lives here in California but that is too long for him and he is too lazy so he just say foria
9. this one is a little difficult, when he is trying to be funny he rolls his eyes and says wu eb er
which really means whatever
10. Last but not least.............when he wakes up the first thing he says is he wants to go downdairs which is downstairs............this one should have been easy.

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