Friday, September 4, 2009

Science Center

Out in the parking lot they have a real truck attatched to a scale with different points. You can actually pull the rope to see at which point your effort pulls the truckup. You can see here they are at the middle point. The truck did move with some effort.

Great Grandpa and Emily trying at the hardest point.
You can see they "arent" pulling just looking cute.

Christian and his scientific theories on how to pull the rope.

My little popeye and his strenght determined to pull the truck up!!!

Well I thought for sure that over the summer, when I wasnt working I would be able to keep up on my blog here. Well that hasnt happened so Ill do it ALL on my last official day of summer vacation.

We took my grandpa to the science center and it is such a great place and all you have to do is pay to park.

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