Saturday, June 7, 2008

One Busy Saturday

I took Christian to Disneyland today for a few hours, my mom's bank give them 2 free tickets and they were for today. It was nice but Chris doesnt like to go on many of the rides so we went on 3 and went to the shops and headed home. For only being there for 4 or so hours, Im exhausted. My mom watched the babies because they arent ready for Disney yet and I dont have enough energy to do that.

We got home and I took everyone swimming in the pool. Now KJ is talking alot more and he really wont be quiet, but that is ok it is funny to hear him tell you what he has been trying to say for many months now.

In the pool the birds swoop to take a drink of water. I was swimming with KJ to the deep end and the birds were sitting on the fence so we were talking to the birds and then KJ says "there not talking to us mommy."
I thought that was just too cute.

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