Thursday, June 19, 2008

It Potty Time.....or not

Well I guess I just thought that they would do way. Grandma Mary says it is time and she is tired of changing diapers. OK so I said lets try. Well on Monday they refused to sit on the potty and held it for most of the day. A few accidents but no biggie to them. Tuesday comes and I am hoping they will just do it. NOT.......Emily sat on the potty and was sitting there for a while when Grandma said something about sitting there until the cows come home and then a few minutes later Grandma hears Emily from the bathroom saying in her snotty voice, "Grandma, there are no cows coming to your house!" I guess that was her way of saying she isnt going to potty. Wednesday comes and at least she sits on the potty but ask KJ and he ignores you or says something to change the subject. They are very funny little kids though. Well Grandma is fed up and is going to try and let them run semi-naked tommorrow. Well I hope she is ready to clean up pee, and Im not trying to be a pesimist, but I think they are too stubborn. I say that but inside hopefully wish the opposite.

Wish us luck!!

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bennett baby blog said...

good luck with the potty training! oooh, it'd be tough training one, but TWO? crossing my fingers for you (and your mom too!).