Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its a start

Well I figured after reading everyone elses blog that maybe I should start my own. I have so many stories of what my kids do that I cant remember them so I figure if I write them then I will have them for later and to share with my friends and family.

For starters, my daughter, (Emily) the other day sat with me in the car while we were picking up my oldest son from school, well she was looking out the window and up in the pine tree. She says mommy look at the poop in the tree. Well it didnt hit me at first becasue I thought she probably saw a bird and it pooped. Ok she kept saying it but now she said Look at all the poop in the tree. Ok so I wondered why there would be so much poop in the tree. I looked up in the tree and laughed to my self and told her, Emily those are pinecones. She said oh pinecones.

I have so many cute stories that I forget so here I am starting to write them down.

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