Saturday, March 22, 2008


Every year the city has a huge Easter Egg Hunt in different parks around the city. Every year we go along with just about the whole city.

This year was better, we always get there early and making toddlers wait until 10:00 is usually a nightmare but this year they waited patiently. The good twins woke up this morning.
ha ha

There are so many people that we usually only get one plastic egg. Well KJ likes chocolate and he didnt care, he wanted the See's eggs and eat them. So I let him do what he wanted.

Emily is such a girly girl and just went for it. Christian was in his own age group and as you can see does what any big brother does and puts the basket over his brothers head. What brotherly love!!!!
Tomorrow we head off for great grandma's house for dinner with all the family. Another family egg hunt where they are for sure to get many many more eggs.

Happy Easter to All!!!

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bennett baby blog said...

Happy Easter Steph! Great pictures. Look at all those eggs!