Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Potty for US

Well its not the time for the potty I guess. On that last Friday with grandma she let them run around naked, what kids doesnt like to be free. Not my 2, oh no, they screamed and hollered for pants. So needless to say it didnt work and they are not the least bit interested at all.

The other day Emily asked Grandma to change her and Grandma said maybe Emily you need to sit in it a little bit longer(maybe this would help encourage the potty) and Emily through her arms up in the air and said to grandma "grandma I dont want to talk about this potty thing" and grandma said "Well Emily I want to talk about it" Emily said "I dont" and she turned and walked away.

We are completely stumped.

So, no potty for now.

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bennett baby blog said...

well, she sure knows what she wants and it's definitely NOT the potty! don't worry, it will happen when they're ready. (i say that like i know what i'm talking about) in a couple years i'm going to be asking you for some potty training tips!