Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

At the aquarium, Emiy and Christian were much more adventurous and my litte chicken, KJ wouldnt really walk anywhere for a while and he definetly wouldnt touch anything.

This is a giant sting ray in the touch tank. Christian touched this one. Look how huge he is.

This is the only fish KJ would touch. Push the button and water squirts out of his mouth.

See any sea life here. Yes look carefully, it is called a sea dragon, kinda looks like a sea horse and it also looks like the plants around it. Even the same color. Pretty cool, I had never seen one before.

Here is the tank all the kids loved. Look closely. Its NEMO! Look even closer and it is his friend DORY. The clownfish and tang fish fish from Finding Nemo, which we have seen a million times. Wondering about the black and white one. Well that is called a false clownfish????

This fun touch tank Emily and Christian got to touch the starfish and sea urchins. KJ wouldnt go near it.

This was so cute. They got a kick out of this seal. They stood in the window and this seal came over and just hung out, upside down. He was too cute and funny. They laughed at him and Emily wanted to know his name.

Christian tried and tried to touch that huge stingray. Finally he did.

Oops same pic, oh well.

They looked and looked at all those fish.

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