Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a swimmer!

Emily has blossomed into a swimmer here in the last few days. Dont give her the floaties, no she is a big girl. I asked her to put on the floaties and she said "no mommy I need to use my arms." Well we cant question the logic there. So needless to say pool time isnt relaxing anymore. I used to be able to just float around near her in the pool and now I need to be on her. She jumps off the side, in dive form, and bellyflops near the middle of the pool and I need to be there to help her back. But I think she is half fish, she can hold her breath like a mermaid.

KJ still wants his floaties and is content, but he tells me"mommy where is meme's floaties?"
Take your time baby boy. I cant handle two adventurous kids at one time.

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bennett baby blog said...

happy birthday, stephanie! when are we going to hang out?