Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My DRAMA Queen

Oh my, Emily, well yesterday we went for our usual walk along the bike path. They ride their bicycles and we just stroll for awhile. We took a short cut home through a rocky trail.
Emily started running and she fell and scratched her knees. One more worse than the other.

She hasnt stopped crying about it from yesterday. She said it doesnt hurt and I gave her some Motrin just in case. She told me she needs to sit on the couch. She wont extend her leg nor will she walk on it.

We took Christian to play and KJ wanted to play at McDonalds and Emily said no KJ I will get sick if I go to McDonalds. So then KJ said let play out front and Emiy said......ummm I will think about that KJ. It was funny becasue life is revolving around her today.

She is acting like her leg is broke. She cries everytime she looks at the bandaids. She doesnt like to see a boo boo.

"Be careful I have a boo boo on my knee. Just like grandma." She tells me last night before bed.
Oh Brother!

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