Monday, April 13, 2009

My after school helpers

Mimi is in the pink dress close to the boy in blue running. It was so funny. She just sat down.
They both are already a pro at using the computer.

Mimi, more so than KJ, loves to write and color. She is such a girl.

KJ has my keys around his neck and the broom and porter in his hand.

Now that the babies are close to my work I usually go pick them up and more times than not take them to my classroom. They find things to do and usually make more of a mess. As you can see in the picture KJ is going to be a school custodian when he grows up and Mimi, well she is so ready for school. The after school program was outside playing duck duck goose and she went and sat in the circle and looked like she belonged with the group. School for them will come soon enough.

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