Saturday, April 25, 2009


Our first profession picture done at a week old. Of course all they did then was sleep! I havent slept good in 3 years, but whos counting.

Our first halloween with big brother the skeleton and onesies for us. After all we were only almost 5 months old. No candy this year.

It only took us a few sleepless nights to figure out they had to sleep close to each other. After all for the last 9 months they were touching each other. We separated them in the crib but then finally figured it out. This is the way they liked to sleep and it never failed KJ always end up holding or touching Emily. They started out during nap time with keeping their hands to theirselves. He so needed her then. Now we can see that they need each other. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PICTURE OF ALL TIME!!!

Our first easter egg hunt. What we were supposed to put eggs in the basket and not sit on them...OHHHHHH!!

Coming home from the hospital.......3 days old. Watch out everybody!!

I went to Babies R Us to start shopping for Chrissy's twins and I started think back to when the babies were little. Time flies by so fast and Im glad I was able to find some of my favorite pictures from my moms computer since I lost all of mine when my hard drive failed.

I can remember these times but it seems so long ago and everyday is a new day with these two, with the things they say and do as they are learning different things each day!!

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