Sunday, April 5, 2009


Alright this is pretty pathetic but I have so much to catch up here and in my spring break attempt I am going to CATCH UP with all that has been missed but recorded in pics from my last post of 4 months ago.......Be prepared to be bombarded this week with new stuff.

Although I cant remember when this was only that is was sometime within the last 4 months when we had that huge snowstorm and it actually snowed by my house and the freeway was closed. I picked up the babies and Chris and decided to see how far we could drive to get to the snow. We drove up the 14 freeway for about 15 minutes, found a street to turn off and stopped in front of a church on an isolated road with many other onlookers who were suprised like us that the snow was at least 2 feet deep.

Now we were not prepared for the snow, wrong shoes, no gloves or hats, but at least we had a jacket. We got out of the car just to see and KJ was a little confused when his foot sank into the snow. After the intial shock they walked and ran in the snow, made a snowball and had a few minutes of fun. That weekend we went up to Palmdale to a local park where there was just enough snow left make a snowman, snowballs with a snowball fight......a once in a lifetime experience. It doesnt snow in So Cal, other that in the mountains.

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bennett baby blog said...

Welcome back, Steph! Love the pics. Can't wait to see you guys later this week. :)