Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rest in Peace!!!

This month has been one of happiness and sadness. I flew to EL PASO the first weekend of this month to see my grandma. I was to leave the weekend after that but a call from my mom said if I am going to go I should find a flight out tonight. So I left work early and caught a flight a few hours later. I got into El Paso with my parents on Friday night at 11pm. The hospital just brought my grandma home, pretty much to live out her days. Her lungs didnt function to full capacity and her heart was only working 10-30%, so it was a matter of time.

I walked in and she was lucid and said to me "I didnt expect to see you!" I was happy at that. My cousins and aunt and uncle were already there and we were waiting for my other aunt and uncle to arrive the next day. Then most of the cousins but all the brothers and sisters would all be there for their mom and dad. I slept in this loveseat next to my grandmas bed all night with my cousin Heather in the recliner. She did most of the work all night I was just there. I didnt sleep. My grandma got up at 4am and I made her an egg. That would be the last thing she really ate. She was lucid most of the day but once they changed her meds so she had morphine every 2 hours she slept and really never opened her eyes.

I had to leave on Sunday while everyone else stayed and we all took pictures with her. I got a call later that night (about 1am) that she passed away. And with everyone elses thoughts, she didnt have to suffer anymore. I missed the funeral service. It makes me want to ake sure I see my family and friends more often. She has never met the babies. My grandfather is making a point to come out this summer.

During the week, my family made a rock for each member of the family to leave in my grandmas garden. Very cute idea!!!

Grandma, I love you and I am glad that I did come out to see you. Rest in Peace!!

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