Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twins twins and more twins

Well I have to say congrats to my best friend Chrissy. She is expecting twins and found out today she is having boy girl twins. I am so excited for her.

She was with me in the delivery room when Christian was born 10 years ago and she came out as tired as can be on the c-section day when my twins were born. She has been there and I can only hope to be there when her big day comes. She has seen everyone of us have our kids and has many nieces and nephews and Im happy that her day has come. She has to be an expert at that but twins is a whole new world. It can really be only understood by those who have them. Some people think it may be easy but everything is doubled but at the same time its more than that and I really cant explain it. It is different than having 2 kids of different ages.

I am so happy for Chrissy and Vince and I cant wait to see her on Thursday, with her growing belly and all.
Now, I cant tell who she is holding in these picture, I cant see that face and honestly they both looked the same wrapped in the hospital blankets. The only way I could tell is that Mimi had a scratch above her eye when she was born.

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